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PAPUA, Portrait Corner of the World.


Bandung, Speaking Papua Indonesia, we will always be directed at the topic "Wealth and poverty are equally abundant" . Wealth  showed abundant wealth of natural resources of Papua, ranging from gold, petroleum, forest products, mining products of iron, nickel, etc., it has become common knowledge. Poverty of  uniformly is indicate the economic level of people Papuans is poor inversely  with the natural state of Papua. Papua pity ..! This is a suitable word to represent my current feelings towards Papua.

Feelings of pity toward Papua suddenly changed to anger .. I saw the show Editorial MEDIA INDONESIA (Metro TV, April 20, 2011), entitled " Funds of Education and Health  Papua Deposited in the Savings of Devosito. " The findings of CPC (Auditing Agency /BPK RI) Indonesia, pointed out that there are many irregularities in funding (more than 20 trillion), which was sent down from the center by local officials. Yes I'm sure .. !  I am angry with these stupid peoples .. The news is surprising anymore, that the funds were mostly used-Poya Poya "these stupid people" to vacation to EUROPE.

Papua demanding, In the past few Papuans demanding the issuance of the Law on "Officials Must Native Papuans". After demands granted Law no. 21 Thn 2001, it turns out ..!! This intent of a handful of people are stupid ..! They freely squander money PAPUA PEOPLE. I Suggest: "Do not you guys too showed ignorance are you all, O the unscrupulous person in Papua ..!
Papua currently only a small portrait of the corner of the world, something similar might happen and you see in the area and your country. Let's opponent this arbitrariness!
Do not let those greedy fools 
who fool the people who have dropped ..!
Protect ..!
Little People Of People Stupid and Greedy .!

Internet and Friendship

Nobody  want or reject born in this world. All human beings are born because God has chosen us to live in this world. Therefore, we are fated to live the life of this. We believe that God made ​​us and all the earth and sky have a purpose. Difficult to accept common sense, if God created us and this is only natural to play alone. Life is full secret ...
God has created man in different conditions. Differ in physical form, color, language, ramput, eyes, food, places, groups, and others. Perhaps, the differences between us are huge numbers and are not easily calculated. Differences fellow human beings more on aspects lahiriyah caused by geographical influences, genetic and nature around us.
Why are we Different?
You may be in a place very far away from me. You may be dibelahan earth West, East, South or North. Your skin color may be black, white, yellow, brown atu there may even be another color. Why did God make us different? Is it to glorify a group and humiliating the other group? I think that's not the answer. Life is full secret ...
I think the difference is the grace of God to man. With the difference that we can know each other and can co-exist lack one another sam .. So that our lives as human beings have a "color"that dynamic is not always monotonous. Because of the differences, we must make friends with one another.
In this case is, we realize the internet media is a means of human beings to know each other. That's what we should do with the Internet, not to create enmity and hatred, even not for immoral activities and other negative things ... Yes ..! although this was very difficult because now the Internet is in fact identical with the bad behavior in part of human ...

Hmm .. Life is full secret ..!

"An objective" (Posting to Our Friend)

Life is full of secrets,
We were walking towards a certain direction? Of course, we should have a purpose of travel . If we do not have a destination trip, then we must immediately determine the destination we want ..! Furthermore, our life will be colored and coloring in the direction of destination. Can we not have a purpose? My opinion  is not ...! why? Because life is not predictable and full of secrets ... waves and storm can hit us with ease, while we did not feel the need to oppose it, we would be swallowed by the waves and storms swept away ...
Life is full of secrets,
In fact, sometimes we walk like not as expected, sometimes even far beyond our expectations. So, that's when the test is coming about loyalty, commitment, loyalty, and dedication we questionable ... whether we will be faithful to the purpose of travel, or we will drift along with the realities that are temporary. Then the question comes, what kind of travel destination that should we have? So we must faithfully, sacrifice, and dedication towards achieving our goals?
I think the goal should be something very meaningful and is a truth which no doubt ...! What is meant by "something meaningful and the truth there is no doubt"  is the "truth" that we're looking for ...! how to explain it...?
Life is full of secrets,
All around us there are many objects, eg, chairs, tables, televisions, computers etc.. Do we need these things, of course! but there are some we do not need .. The question is, first, whether these objects exist by itself? Or whether there are the creators ? The second question: is there any purpose of these objects is made ...?
My answer is that there are objects that make and have the purpose of making ... and I believe it is the correct answer and there is no other answer.
Life is full of secrets,
Imagine ...! mankind since thousands of years ago has been present on the planet earth, accompanied by various creatures such as: animals, trees, and objects that do not live .. some can be used and some are not yet useful. Earth and sky have a mechanism a very organized system. There are cycles of life.. Systems that run on this very complex nature, complicated, and the regularly ...
The above question coming again, whether human, earth, sky and all that accompanies it there because it was created ..? Last ... whether there is a purpose of human existence on this earth ..? if so, whether that goal ...?
My answer is there must be creator of ​​man and all that accompanies it. Impossible man on earth is caused by itself, there must be creator of man...... then, surely humans have a purpose on this earth. Impossible human existence  no has purpose, must have a goal to be achieved according the will of the human maker ...
Life is full of secrets,
Travel  must be has purpose, only sick people who do not have a travel destination. What is the purpose of our existence ..? now I have not been able to answer, but I believe the purpose of life must be meaning and it should contain a truth that can not be denied ...
I thought for a while just until here, this post will continue if we all want it, hopefully to be continued ...!! I am open to discuss about this ... there may be a different opinion, please express ..! thanks ..