Tips for Surviving in Togetherness Version of "One Earth One Sky"

Togetherness is always more beautiful, a sentence that is what we believe in togetherness. The work done together will always produce beautiful work than the work itself. Why ...? This is due, a job that involves human beings more than one person is always more difficult than just alone. More and more people involved the more difficult the job done. However, the success achieved with the full unity will always produce extraordinary work, especially if the job has a high complexity.

"One Earth One Sky" believe  for success in togetherness  require struggle. Not all groups or small or large organization to maintain its existence. Many oraganisasi new born but died shortly afterwards because  usually dominated by the differences that are not productive / not important.

Here are 10 tips from the "One Earth One Sky" for anyone who wants to maintain togetherness, both in running the organization, group, business, friendship, togetherness and even within families, etc..

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1. Common vision and mission
Every man will make an agreement to collaborate must have vision and mission. Vision of long-term goals, short-term mission objective. That's roughly Vision Mission version of  "One Earth One Sky". Vision mission must be completely understood by people involved in it. Understanding of the vision and mission is important, because it serves as a watchdog  toward togetherness. Any irregularities that may occur along the journey is about to be returned to the vision and mission that has been agreed.

2. Open-minded in the methods
Thinking opens in meaningful method always rich in methods, sprightly to change an atmosphere around, and willing to accept advice from his fellow members. The method is carried out ways to achieve something to be achieved. The method is flexible, because he will always be affected by environmental changes. So for a group of people who want to maintain unity, must be ready to open in the methods of thinking. This is a form of group intelligence in the birth of new methods.

3. Ready to sacrifice
Travel in togetherness will be spent by the various exam that prevented. The key to succeed through obstacles is the attitude of togetherness is ready to make sacrifices for the sake of togetherness. Sacrificed in many ways, time, money, attention and especially the sacrifice power to accept criticism and suggestions from people closest to us. This is the energy in maintaining togetherness.

4. Love togetherness
Maintaining unity requires a "rope" as a binder. "Rope"  Binder is the love to togetherness itself. Without any sense of love, the journey was bland ..

5. Want to loyal to stay togetherness
conflict of among group members that is virus togetherness  . Typically an internal conflict was triggered by small difference , such as in method differences . If only this difference is still on track vision and mission, it is "willing to loyal to remain together" is the solution for dealing with this virus.

6. Clever break the ice
Like the machine that kept turned on, after a long time will loose performance due to its components is damaged (eroded each other). So the "clever break the ice" is an oil as a "lubricant" for the performance of groups or togetherness....

7. Creative and innovative
When togetherness runs smooth, it would appear the need to make great strides as an acceleration towards success. This major step can only be done by groups that have a creative and innovative nature. Creative and innovative in order to look for important breakthroughs in the journey of togetherness.

8. Putting the equation the first of the difference
Along the way, the test of togetherness will select each member of the group. Groups that do not have the character of the prioritize the equation the first of the difference will be difficult to defend himself. Because the difference was always inherent in every human self. When differences constantly exaggerated, then it will be a destroyer of togetherness.

9. Total loyalty to the vision and mission
Speaking of togetherness is basically talking about the loyalty of every personnel of group.  Is he more loyal to the interests of individuals or groups. Loyalty to the vision and mission is the "spirit" in maintaining togetherness.

 10. And much to share in love, a little share in the grief
When togetherness has been running as expected and fun. So maintenance lies in sharing in the excitement, and little to complain against the things that felt difficult.

Finish ..! Tips of Defend togetherness   version by "One Earth One Sky" ... I hope can be useful. "One Earth One Sky" sure if minimum 10 tips to maintain this togetherness is successful  doing, then wait the results of togetherness is very beautiful..!!!!!

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must_once said...

Kebersamaan memang indah, bagai sapu lidi yang susah dipatahkan daripada hanya sebuah lidi, berat sama dipikul ringan sama dijinjing. Kebersamaan harus bisa memberi warna dan melibatkan seluruh unsur masyarakat. Jangan hanya menciptakan kebersamaan dalam ikatan primordial, apalagi kebersamaan melakukan sesuatu yang salah, melanggar norma atau aturan, nanti malah mengakibatkan kesalahan dianggap lumrah. Mohon maaf bila ada salah-salah kata. Salam blogger.

dzaro said...

@ Must_once : tarimakasih mas !! pagi-pagi udah berkunjung, saya sangat senang... betul , tentu yang kita maksud aadalah kebersamaan dalam kebenaran... dan itu memng tidak mudah..

toko oracle said...

salam kenal.. setiap kebersamaan menghasilkan kekuatan...

100% dukung

kunjung balik ya!.

Haritha said...

what a beautiful post!
this whole world together in sure this would be an eye opener for atleast one!
gr8 effort!:)

Magdi said...

Dzaro dear!
As long as there are such people, who might think about the world and are striving to preserve the human race coherence to love, until you have a better chance and better world to live.
Bye. Magdi

ayel bertuah said...

Kunjungan disore hari ketempat sahabat...

attayaya-mading said...

yg poin no 3 itu perlu menjadi perhatian, supaya tujuan tercapai